The blank page/screen

The old adage is that the writer fears the blank page.  Today, the blank screen? Perhaps it’s less of a problem for those with hyperactive minds. I don’t seem to ever have a problem starting things. It’s all the rest that’s the bitch. Hyperactive mind you see. That’s where my problems with grammar and spelling come in. So, when possible, I avoid using any punctuation at all.

But, to the point, I’ve been hesitant to start yet another blog. David Carr was here in Portland earlier this year. Someone asked why he didn’t use Twitter.

“I don’t need one more avatar to feed”


I felt I had my hands full with social media, emails accounts, phone lines and websites. The last thing I wanted was one more place to report in to. But the Sentinel, the community newspaper I bought, cared for and fed for these last 6 years, will soon be mothballed.  With that venue closing, I thought I might need a new place where I can ‘go on the record’, or if need be ‘to set the record straight,’ from time to time.

This web log will document some of the work I am doing on various projects around town. They mostly involve digital journalism.  But I wear a lot of hats.  Most of them are silly.  I hope this blog will help keep them all on straight.


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