NE Portland Wishing Tree flowers with dreams

The tree attracts the homes and dreams of hundreds of strangers.

The tree attracts the hopes and dreams of hundreds of strangers.

PORTLAND – Some people wished for love, some for world peace, a lot of people wished for a pony.

Those are just a few of the hundreds of wishes hanging from a Horse Chestnut street tree at the corner of Northeast Morris Street and 7th Avenue.

On a cold Tuesday evening, a young couple walking down the block stopped and examined the tree with bemused interest. A sign, clipboard, marker and plastic bag of manila shipping labels beckoned for them to contribute their own desires.

The Wishing Tree, has been an oddity at this intersection since last fall. A photo of it recently sparked a trending post on the Portland Reddit pageMonday, garnering the kind of cheers and jeers that one would expect from something so quintessentially Portlandia.

The tree is the handy work of Nicole Helprin and sits directly in front of her 1926 Irvington home.

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