Thanks KGW, now on to GoLocalPDX

Breaking news and the folks at the digital desk at KGW have taught me a ton. I'm forever grateful.

Breaking news and the digital team at KGW have taught me a ton. I’m forever grateful to this station and its crew.

After only ten months at KGW, I’m moving on to become Director of Digital Content at GoLocalPDX, a web-based news platform set to launch this summer. 

GoLocalPDX will offer a range of lifestyle, entertainment and news coverage.  We expect to have a good deal of investigative and data driven stories. So please stay tuned.

Having said that, I owe a huge debt to KGW NewsChannel 8, where I spent the better part of a year grinding it out as a digital producer and breaking news reporter for

The station has been the most energetic, supportive and positive place I’ve ever worked. I was constantly surprised by the depth of talent and skills employed there.

The reporters are astute and work under deadlines that would make most others faint.  I’m especially thankful that I worked with Kyle Iboshi, who is not only one of the best reporters I’ve met in Oregon, but who also paid me $5 to mention him.

The digital team at has taught be a great deal.  The group was a great mix of  seasoned journalists and new generation young folks who can move quickly between text, video and photo journalism.

As a team, we cranked out a huge volume of content with a laser sharp focus on what makes news work in the digital world.  All the while, the team consistently upheld standards and rigor despite the intense downward pressure that breaking news events can put on a staff.


Sally Ramirez @SallyKGW @corneliusrex Good luck & thank you for all your @KGWNews contributions!!!

I have a tremendous respect for KGW’s commitment to getting it right.  They are tops in the market and I will always be grateful to them for showing me how breaking news is done.

Our leader Frank Mungean is one of the smartest people I’ve met when it comes to web publishing. He has a truly highly evolved understanding what works and what doesn’t work on web, social and mobile platforms.  He also has good journalistic sensibilities and knows what engages an audience. It’s been a privileged to work with him.

I feel a little torn leaving, actually.  With the station’s recent fusion with Gannett and a slew of new initiatives in the local pipeline, I know that a lot of new digital innovations are coming for KGW.

I’ll keep and eye on them, and so should you. I hope there will be some story partnership opportunities between KGW and GoLocalPDX down the road.  

GoLocalPDX offers its own exciting opportunities.  Years ago, I dedicated myself to promoting news innovation and I think this small firm has a lot of offer Portland and the journalism world at large.

So, once again, it’s off into another exciting, if uncertain future. Wish me luck.

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